Watch some of the drama sketches performed by our team at All Nations Christian Centre.


Christmas Follows The Fall

However your life is going, the birth of Jesus can turn your world upside-down.


It's Time To Get In The Christmas Spirit

Join us as we meet a few people who are filled with the Spirit, and one who most definitely isn't!


It's Winter Forever. Christmas? Never!

We would like you to join us as we journey to an enchanted land, a place full of mysterious creatures and a whole lot of snow.


Look Who's Coming For Christmas (December 2013)

The following video was played before the 2013 Nativity play. After the Nativity, a drama sketch was performed live which can be seen at the end of the video.


N(eg)ativity Play (December 2011)

How would you react to meeting an angel and being asked to be part of “The Greatest Story Ever Told”?

In the following video, some members of our drama team take a sideways (and hopefully humorous) look at how things might have turned out very differently….