PSSS Mission School, Lahore, Pakistan

Around 10 years ago missions giving and fund-raising by All Nations Christian Centre enabled the PSSS Mission School to be built in Lahore, Pakistan. We continue to fund the annual cost of some of the teaching staff.

PSSS Mission School is a primary school providing free education and a meal programme for around 100 students aged 4 to 12 years. The children come from poor backgrounds; the majority are Christian but many are Muslim or of other faiths.

Within the school there are five classes, an office for the headteacher and an assembly hall. Pupils attend Monday-Friday, 7am-1pm and study English, history, geography, Urdu, Bible, science and maths.

The school is well received in the local community because it provides educational opportunities at no cost.


May 2013

The pupils continue to progress well and benefit from the building improvements. Please continue to pray for their safety and blessing, and for that of the staff and supporters.



January 2013

On the 24th December 2012, the staff and students celebrated Christmas.



September 2012

Thanks to generous missions giving at All Nations in January 2012, together with additional funds from the school's partners, repair work to the school began in May. Although slightly delayed due to city riots and monsoon rains, it has progressed well and was completed for the school reopening after the summer holidays, in the first week of September.

September 2011 photos

Please pray for Christians across Pakistan as they face violent attacks and abuse due to the reactionary protests against a recently released American film, considered to be offensive to Islam. Attacks have been recorded against individuals, churches and Christian schools.


May 2012

Following our missions appeal in January, we were able to make a generous donation towards the repair and rebuilding work needed on the school due to flood damage. Repairs are ongoing and hope to be completed soon. Our partner in Pakistan, Falak Sher, reports that the children are progressing well in their studies, despite the disruption from the building work, and are looking forward to breaking for the summer holidays in June.


November 2011

Problems continue from the dengue virus (see previous updates below). Further floods have caused additional building damage, and the school had to be closed for a short while (it was reopened in Oct). Our missions offering in January 2012 (Sunday 15th) will support repair and rebuilding work; please give generously.


September 2011

Update: As reported in the following BBC News article, a dengue outbreak has struck Lahore. Please pray for the children and staff at the school, as dirty flood water potentially containing mosquito eggs has entered the school compound. BBC News: Pakistan dengue outbreak strains Lahore hospitals.

The new term is underway and we have been sent some lovely photos of the staff and students starting off their new academic year, despite the difficulties of flood damage to the building (as shown in the pictures). You can see the children in assembly, as well as a beautiful thank you banner that they have made for us. Please continue to pray God's blessing and protection on them.

September 2011 photos


August 2011

During the summer of 2010 part of the fallen school wall was rebuilt and during summer 2011 classrooms and playground repairs will take place.