Honduras, Paraguay

January 2013

John and Rachel McDonough began visiting Paraguay in 2007 and in 2009 they moved out to work as full time missionaries. In 2010 they moved to Honduras to help with a transition period in the Elim churches in Tegucigalpa. Supporting the national leadership, project Joseph, youth work and outreach and a building project was concluded in 2012.

They are now living back in Paraguay, studying an intensive Guarani language and culture course. Guarani is as widely spoke in Paraguay as Spanish and while Spanish is taught in schools, Guarani is often the preferred tongue of choice in the home and workplace in areas outside of the major cities.

Whilst studying, this first year period will give John and Rachel the time to reconnect with old contacts and begin to clearly identify where in the country their work will begin to take shape. Seeing where the needs are and where other ministries are already functioning.

Their vision is to pioneer an Elim Church and social outreach projects in communities where there are no existing ministries. Using Guarani to open doors into areas where abandoned/orphaned youth live and neglected people groups.

Their passion is to see lives transformed and people achieving more than was ever expected for them, through relationship with Christ.

You can keep up to date with all that's going on in Paraguay through John and Rachel's website www.johnandrachel.co.uk