Network Course

One of our fundamental beliefs at All Nations, is that every member has a part to play in the body of Christ or another way to put it is that we believe that everybody no matter how young or old has a ministry to fulfil.

The aim of the Network Course is to help Christians find the place of service that God has designed them for. For some people they already know what they are meant to do but just need a little bit of encouragement to do it, for others they may be new to the faith and want to discover for the first time where they are serve, other still need to reassess were they are at in their journey of faith in relation to spiritual gifts and a meaningful place of service.

The course is produced by Willow Creek Community Church, Chicago and we at All Nations have been using it for a number of years helping many find their unique place of service.

The course is broken down into three steps –

  • Step one: Discover - God-given shape
  • Step two: Consultation - A consultation assists you in finding your ministry
  • Step three: Service - The goal is service!

Through the process of Network you will discover your passion, spiritual gift and your personal style.

Why should you serve? Because God has given you a gift and you need to use it and ultimately it brings glory to God because you are dong what he designed you to do and your gift is for the benefit of others not you.

If you are interested in joining the next three-week course, please contact the church office.